About Us

Terry Hopkins, your charming and delightful co-host.

I was born in Cape Girardeau, Mo on the Mississippi River. I was an only child and was what was called at the time “a finicky eater”. I ran track and swam and was pretty good athlete as a youth and I was a food consumer not a cook. The First cook in my life was my Mom. She cooked southern style and with lots of fried stuff, hamburgers, chicken, pork, potatoes and beef. Green beans and pretty much all vegetables were put on the stove in the early morning with pork back, so they would be ready lunch at 12:00 noon.

My first wife was a wonderful cook, I had red beans and rice, blackened fish and Shrimp Creole long before anyone else knew what the Cagin food was or even had heard.
I learned that food was more than just stuff to fill you up, but instead had taste, color and texture.

My second wife taught me that eating out was the thing to do. She was a true American Princess and her favorite thing to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner was “Reservations!” I learned to eat out, read menus, and scout out restaurants for survival.

All these skills I added to my finicky eating skills, love for good food, knowing what a good restaurant should be, all this prepared for my wife now. My wife Liza is an artist and one of top pin stripers in the whole world. Notice that cooking is not mentioned in this résumé; Liza gets a good recipe and then as an artist starts to change it…try Beef Stroganoff with bacon, white boiled bacon. I think you get the idea. “Don’t ever eat anything at my house, unless you see me eat it first!” this is a slogan we use and believe in at my house.

So am an eater and food consumer not a “Foodie” most of the time I could not tell you what is in anything, but I know taste and can always tell you what is good and what is not.

Zane Kuhle, Producer/Videographer Co-Host

I was born in West Palm Beach Florida, and have only lived on year out of the State. We moved to the Clearwater area after that year in Columbus Ohio in 1968 and have been in the area ever since. I’ve watched the population and landscape change into the Megalopolis that it is, and always embrace what we have to offer.

I’ve always been the cook in the family. I excel on a grill, but am also very proficient in the kitchen. Though I’ve never worked in a commercial kitchen, I’ve been told my food rivals that of many restaurants. I also am a believer in growing your own food, and my yard is full of many different vegetables instead of a lawn. We even added chickens this spring for fresh eggs.

With the advent of Food TV, I became interested in Food shows, especially the ones about eating like Man Vs. Food and Diner’s Drive in’s and Dives. Being a Photographer/Videographer for all of my adult life, I began to dream of a show of my own. With the internet becoming a viable medium for TV, I knew it was time to create the show. I created the parent company “Tasting the City”, with “Tasting Tampa Bay as our first show territory.

Partnering with Terry Hopkins, the concept became a reality, and we started shooting our first episodes at the Florida State Fair in February, 2013. With the terrific reception we received, we knew we had created a winning concept.