Bringing You Tampa Bay’s
Local Food and Fun Scene

A Local Food Internet TV Show
Hosted by Terry Hopkins and Zane Kuhle
Advertising on Tasting the City!


Tasting Tasting the City is an Internet Based TV show that can be watched 24/7 unlike traditional Television shows.
It can currently be watched on the Tasting Tasting the City web site , Ustream, and YouTube. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are used to interact with our audience and give them not only notification of new shows that are airing, but allows us to inform them where we are filming next as well as let us know who they would like to see on our show. We encourage them to take photos of foods and Restaurants they visit and enjoy and post them on our page.
Tasting The City web site is the key to success for the project. It is an extensive site that is designed to feature both Tampa Bay’s foods as well as the Restaurants they can be found at. Unlike traditional blog sites that just review with photos and text, our viewers can search by individual foods, cities, and Restaurants that allow them to actually see, in Video form, the things that interest them. It is much more interactive and engaging than a photo and text. On the web site, not only is the show available in its entirety, but the individual clips are posted and categorized, as well as offered to the Restaurants to use on their web site. If the old saying of “a picture is worth a thousand words”, then what is Video worth?
Internet TV is vastly different from traditional TV in many ways. Where this is a huge benefit to you is in both cost and view ability. Traditional Televisions production costs are usually paid for from advertising sponsors. They pay huge dollars to have a 15 or 30 second commercial. They are only seen during that airing, and not during the occasional re-runs. Only those that view it live get to see it. With Internet TV, it can be watched at any time 24/7 year round. Not just a one-time event. The cost is much less as the very expensive broadcast quality equipment and huge production crews are not necessary.
We are offering an opportunity for your establishment to not only advertise, but be an entertaining and integral part of our Local Food Internet TV show. The cost is low, and the value is huge.

If you would like to sponsor a show or sponsor the WHOLE show please contact us!
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Make your own Internet TV show
Why Intenet TV
Internet TV is vastly different from traditional TV in many ways. Where this is a huge benefit to you is in both cost and viewership. Traditional Television production costs can be as little as $10,000 per episode to as much as $1,000,000 per show. There is a movement away from traditional cable to internet only with such places as Netflix and Hulu Plus. With Internet TV, shows can be watched at any time 24/7 year round. Not just a one-time event. The cost for an internet show is so much less, therefor, the very expensive broadcast quality equipment and huge production crews are unnecessary.
It is recommended that you start with a minimum commitment of 12 shows that you can air at a minimum of once per month. This gives your sponsors more of a reason to commit to you as you will build an audience base over time.
Investment Introductory Offer!
An initial investment of $2500 $1200 is required to get the project started.
This includes
(2) 4 hour shoots
(1) 3 hour pre- production meeting
(8) hours of editing for (1) 30 minute show.
Additional Shows
Additional 30 minute shows will also include up to (2) 4 hour shoots and (8) hours of editing billed at approximately $1200** $600

** Additional Notes;
Any extra equipment rentals such as booms, recorders, microphones, etc. that might be needed will be billed at the rental rate. If a second shooter is needed they will be billed at $100 per hour, and extra editing at $50 per hour. Any hours over the initial 8 hours will be billed at $100 per hour. Any extras will be agreed on before filming begins.

Offerings for Restaurants

#1. Tasting The City will feature One food item for a short 4 to 6 minute segment on the show. Examples are Burgers, Wings, Pizza, etc.
What we require is $100 in gift certificates and that all food and beverages for the segment are provided at no charge.
What you get;
The segment will include an introduction and footage of the front of the establishment. Shots of interior with an interview with the person of the establishment’s choosing, i.e, Owner, Cook, Manager, etc will be done. If possible, we will film the preparation of the dish. We will then show the item, taste it, and recommend it and the establishment to our audience.

#2. Tasting The City offers a T.V. ready commercial.
We will shoot a commercial for $395 that can be used on the establishment’s web site as an infomercial, uploaded to YouTube, or for a network TV ad.
What you get;
We construct a full commercial with Interview that is used as the voice track, Video of the establishment, food, preparation, etc. Background music can be included, but must be provided and not copyrighted.

#3. Full Feature on Tasting The City.
A full “Diners, Drive-in’s and Drive’s” Style feature will be filmed for a full 20 to 25 minute episode for $995.
What you get,
The full episode will include multiple interviews with Owner, Manager, Cook as well as Patrons. Preparation and tasting of multiple dishes will be shown. The audience will get a wonderful overview of the establishment and its offerings.

#4. A Food and Fun Contest at your Restaurant!
We will film, setup, publicize, award and run a Fun FOOD Contest at your Restaurant for $350 plus gift certificates for the entrants. (See Below)
What you get;
We will film a contest episode for Tasting Tampa Bay. The Contest can be things such as fastest eating, most in a time period, or something else that we all can agree on.
Rules; we will set up and announce to the world what we are doing by using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and our websites.
Contestants are to pay a $10.00 entry fee. (Tasting The City will collect this to use for trophies, etc.)
Each contestant receives a $10.00 Gift certificate from the restaurant (of course these may NOT be used on the same night!). This insures that will they return to spend more at your place and bring people with them! The Restaurant will supply these at the date of the contest to the entrants. It helps to also have restaurant T-shirts or other restaurant “FREEBIES” as prizes. (Note-If the restaurant does not have gift certificates, we can create them for you)
We will supply a suitable Winners trophy for the overall winner of the Contest at your restaurant.
The idea is pack your restaurant for one night with eager “foodies” and then have at least 10 of them with their friends to return and spend even more!
We will MC the contest, award the prizes and generally have good time. Plus we will film the entire the contest to be seen on Tasting The City or for your use on your website or as you choose.
The Contest episode and your Restaurant will go on our website Tasting The under contests as well other web sites, blogs, etc. to be viewed by tourists and hometown Floridian’s to see and find their way to your Restaurant to enjoy.

#5. Banner Ads on the Web site.
Varies depending on size of the ad. Call for quote.
Banner ads are available on our web site that keeps your establishment in front of people who land on our home page with a direct link to yours. We can make it a link takes visitors to a specific page on your site such as coupons, offers, directions, etc.

#6. Other Offerings.
A. We can sell your gift certificates in our online store. They must be sold at 50% of face value, i.e. a $20 certificate sells for $10. We split the sale 50/50. (same splits as Groupon and Living Social). This is a great way to get people who have watched your segment to come in and give you a try! Terrific traffic builder!
B. We want to sell your Merchandise in our online store. If you have anything to sell, such as Shirts, Sauces, Foods, etc., we can sell it via our Drop Shop program. We will take the order and process the payment, then you are sent the order to ship the item. We then send you payment less a 20% commission for the sale. Another way for you to profit from our viewers.