Big Fred’s Littlest BIG Burger is still pretty BIG!

Tasting the City eats one of Big Fred’s One Pound Patriot Burger. This guy even makes his own custom buns,GRINDS HIS OWN MEAT and has burgers up to 10 pounds. Better bring an appetite to this place! Hard to Find but well worth it!
Address: 2169 N Hercules Ave, Clearwater, FL 33763
Phone:(727) 216-3733
Directions: Hercules Ave N & Allard Dr

See the Great Burger we had at BIG FRED’S on 2169 N Hercules Ave in Clearwater, Florida. Link to their Facebook page here!

Remember this is the smallest of his BIG Burgers! Take a look at the video and see Big Fred (John), the place and a Big Burger! Home baked bun, with home ground meat, mmmm good!

Fred retired and they are now closed! Sniff…great food…Terry

Jenson Brothers Seafood

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